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Mar 5, 2017


MSNBC’s Katy Tur: “We Are Not Fake News And Value All Sides Of Every Story”

MSNBC's Katy Tur defends the network from claims of bias on the Wednesday edition of her show: KATY TUR, MSNBC: You may have seen my retweet of The Washington Post article that revealed a bogus [TIME] magazine cover that dons the walls of several Trump organization properties. here's a better look at it covered in headlines like 'The Apprentice Is A Television Smash!' and 'Trump Is Hitting On All Fronts… Even TV!' Here it is hanging on the golden walls of Mar-a-Lago but, again, it's all fake and today NBC News can confirm TIME Magazine has asked for them to remove those covers. So will Trump take them down? To be continued. Is it funny in some ways? Of course, but it's further proof of this president's need for exaggerated and inflated self-praise and let's not forget two of Trump's favorite words — fake news. But because we are not fake news and value all sides of every story, we must note that NBC News has reached out to the Trump Organization for comment. So far we have not heard back. Tur's tweet: A Time magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It's fake.— Katy Tur (@KatyTurNBC) June 28, 2017

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CNN’s Acosta On Trump: “What We’re Witnessing Right Now Is The Erosion Of Our Freedoms”

On CNN Wednesday, network White House correspondent Jim Acosta declared, "what we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the president of the United States." Acosta did acknowledge that some of the "coverage can get a little too negative sometimes," however equivicated it to the criticism former President Barack Obama recieved when he was in office. From The SItuation Room: JIM ACOSTA, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: I asked this question of the president when he was running to win the White House, 'Can you withstand the scrutiny that comes with being president of the United States?' He didn't like that question. He snapped at me during that news conference. It was May of last year. And, you know, I think that there are moments when this president is just really sensitive to criticism and he lashes out in this fashion. I think [guest] Matt [Schlapp] is right to some extent, that yes, some of the coverage can get a little too negative sometimes, and that happened during the Obama administration. That happens during other administrations. Coverage of the president is tough, but that's the territory we're in right now. But I think to paint everybody with a broad brush is just not the right thing. And Wolf, what we're witnessing right now is just this erosion of our freedoms in terms of covering the president of the United States. The president has only held one full news conference since the beginning of his administration, and that was in February. That's way behind the average of other presidents in modern times. This issue of turning off the cameras in the briefing rooms. Wolf, I could hold up my phone tomorrow and livestream that press briefing with Sean Spicer or Sarah Sanders, whoever comes in there, and that is just where technology is right now. To think that we're going backwards and not having things on camera to me is just preposterous.

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