Rep. Duncan Hunter to Trump: “Go After The Senate. Show The American People Where The Problem Is”

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) expresses his frustration with Senate Republicans for their failure to pass any legislation.

“It is the Senate. They are slow. They can’t get off of their tails and pass something. We have to pass health care reform prior to doing tax reform, and they’re doing nothing,” he said.

“Every Senator has their own plan,” he explained. “In the House we have to get 218 votes, so we have to work together. In the Senate, you probbaly have 50 Senators, each with their own health care plan. You have 50 Republicans with 50 tax plans. They take so long to do stuff.

They’re on a six year election cycle. They all want to be president, they all want to be famous, they don’t want to lose their seats.

So the House is going to keep passing stuff. We’re doing our job,we’re going to get stuff done. It is the Senate. And Trump really needs to go after those Republican Senators… on his twitter. Go on television. Quit trying to be friends. Go after the Senate. Show the American people where the problem it.