Kurtz: Treatment Of Steve Scalise By MSNBC’s Joy Reid Is “Just Ugliness”

FOX News media critic Howard Kurtz weighed in on commentary delivered by MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Steve Scalise, a victim of the baseball shooter. From Monday morning on FOX News:

HOWARD KURTZ: What Joy Reid is doing is just appalling. Appalling! While Steve Scalise remains in a hospital bed fighting for his life, she is attacking him because she doesn’t like his politics and then kind of justifying it on some moral level. ‘Well, are we just supposed to ignore the fact that he hasn’t voted the way that I think he should vote?’

And then for Joy Reid to tweet that Scalise was attacked by a white man but saved by a Capitol Police Officer who she says is a black lesbian. Why bring race into it? Why bring sexual preference into it? It’s just ugliness.